DumpNAVI by bysin


DumpNAVI is a program that extracts files from Honda/Acura navigation DVD-ROMs. The program ONLY works on Honda/Acura navigation systems running the Hitachi SH-4 Windows CE system. For discussion, please visit AcuraZine


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DumpNAVI by bysin
This program is used to list, extract, and modify files
contained in an XIP BIN file located on Acura/Honda
navigation DVD.  This system has been tested on the
TSX.  Use at your own risk.

Some of the things I have been able to modify are:
    - Changed the background picture to my own
      personal image.
    - Removed the "nag screen" at the beginning
    - Change some of the words that pop up.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to modify
files in your navigation system.  It requires a DVD-ROM
drive and a CD or DVD burner.

1.  At the main screen of the navigation system, hold down
    the Map/Guide, Menu, and Cancel buttons for 5 seconds.

2.  Hit the "Version" button on the touch screen.

3.  Hold down the Menu button for 5 seconds.

4.  Write down the filename next to the words "Loading
    Filename" (ex. BNHN404A.BIN).

5.  Open your trunk and find the DVD player attached to
    the navigation system.

6.  Push down the front plate and eject the Navigation

7.  Place the DVD in your computer and copy all 9 BIN
    files onto your hard drive (should be around 104 MB),
    this includes:


8.  Use the dumpnavi tool to extract the files on the
    BIN file that was on your car, ex:

         dumpnavi BNHN404A.BIN extract

9.  The files will extract to the directory associated
    with the name of the file.

10. After modifying the files, use the dumpnavi tool
    to update them to the BIN, ex:

         dumpnavi BNHN404A.BIN update Back.bmp
         dumpnavi BNHN404A.BIN update navi.exe navi-nonag.exe
         dumpnavi BNHN404A.BIN update Diag.exe

11. Copy the modified BIN file, including all other BIN
    files (9 in total) to a blank CD or DVD.

12. Insert the origional navigation DVD back into the
    DVD-ROM in your car.

13. Start the car normally, and at the main navigation
    screen hold Map/Guide, Menu, and Cancel for 5
    seconds once again.

14. Hit the "Version" button on the touch screen once

15. Take the origional navigation DVD out of the car,
    and replace it with the CD/DVD you just created.

16. Hit the "Load Disc" button on the Version screen.

17. It should take about 20 seconds for your car to
    load the new BIN and reboot.  Once that happens,
    take out your burned CD/DVD and put back the
    origional navigation DVD.

18. If anything goes wrong, remove the ground to the
    battery for 30 seconds with the origional DVD
    in the car.  The old OS will load back on the

Background Images:

Here are some images you can use to replace Back.bmp. Right click on an image and hit "Save Target As...", then issue the following command to DumpNAVI (when your at step 10 in the readme) to import the new background: dumpnavi WHATEVER.BIN update Back.bmp BackX.bmp ... For example: dumpnavi BNHN404A.BIN update Back.bmp Back1.bmp